Black Woven Leather Grandma Shoes

Type: Shoes

Purchased for $60 - $100

Vintage? Yes

I got these on eBay, for $50, thinking they were really well made cute useful lace up shoes. The woman I got them from ended up sending me a message on eBay, and she told me she was so happy I bought them, and they were her mom’s, and her mom has multiple version, blah blah blah, it was sweet. So THEN when they came and I tried them on and the soles immediately fell off, i was so frustrated, but I think sub consciously I didn’t want to deal with telling her because we had this relationship (sort of). I then brought them to a cobbler a YEAR later, and had them fixed for another $50, and then I came home and tried them on and realized they are so grandma-y and they are sorta too small. Lol. But I’ve been warming up to them :)

Edit 2022: I never warmed up to them, I finally gave them away. Don’t want to talk about the failure of this purchase!!