J Crew Striped Rainbow Shirt

Type: Shirt

made by J Crew

Purchased for $60 - $100

Vintage? No

Okay. I got a credit at Affirm when I interned there, to try the product (aka free money - the product lets you pay for things over time), and I had seen this shirt at the mall. It was way more expensive than any number I would ever spend on any shirt, but since it was free money, and since J Crew took Affirm online, it seemed meant to be.

So the shirt came, supposedly, and I never got it. So two weeks passed and I called J Crew, and they sent me another one. Then, a few weeks later, my neighbor was like oh is this yours, and then I had TWO. And obviously I should have sent one back but in my head that sounded like a nice level of bad girl so I kept it and gave it to my friend. I regret. But I still own this shirt!